3 Reasons You Should Try Tantra Sex



You love stroking your cock, don’t you? Of course you do! I know you do and both of us know you do. Everyone knows it, or could guess, because we all love to masturbate on some level. Some of us have control over ourselves and some of us need help controlling masturbation. But that doesn’t mean one loves it any more or less. Erotic masturbation guidance is sexy and hearing your Mistress with her soft – or maybe her harsh – voice telling you just how to do it, well that makes it even hotter! This brings us to Tantra Sex.

So, why would you try anything else? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? WRONG! Tantra, or a masturbation trance, is even hotter than guided masturbation for some people. While I can’t promise that you will decide Tantric sex is what’s best for you, I can tell you that if you don’t try, you will never know. And really, what have you got to lose?

Still not convinced? Here are three reasons you should at least try Tantric Sex and find out for yourself if this incredibly hot form of guided, mutual masturbation is for you.


The First Reason Brings You Together

Reason Number One is that word I just said – mutual! Mutual masturbation is even better for many people than guided masturbation. Oh, it is fun to sit back and watch you do all the work while we tell you how and when, but it’s even more fun for us to get to play too! And you know you love the thought of your sexy Mistress there in front of you, naked, legs spread, letting you watch while she touches herself. Her long soft fingers caressing herself, slipping inside, while you watch and stroke your cock. She will still guide you as well, though not a typical guided masturbation session.

Instead of being guided, you and your Phone Sex Mistress develop a connection that allows you both to relax. This involves more time spent talking and getting to know one another. You will share things with one another, fantasies, both deep and dark. And, of course, the ones that are at the surface that you adore talking about with her anyway. This is when you get to know what her fantasies are.  And as a result, if you are lucky, the two of you will find a common ground.

There is a place in fantasy where we can all connect with one another. No matter how different we may seem initially. Tantra teaches us that somewhere, in one fantasy or another, we can all connect. In light of making that connection, we can become part of one another’s fantasy. This is why the mutual masturbation and intense connection you will feel with your Mistress is a great reason to try Tantric Sex.


Orgasms Last Longer With Tantra Sex

Now to move on to Reason Number Two. The one that you really, really are interested in hearing. This is the one that I know will sway you, even if you aren’t already about to jump in with both feet! Understandably, the intense connection you will potentially find with your Mistress should be more than enough to make you want to try Tantric Sex. But if it isn’t, I know the added incentive of a very extended and more intense orgasm will do it!

The whole essence of a masturbation trance or Tantric sex session, is the time spent together, mutually masturbating and enjoying yourselves. The moment of release becomes not the point, but just a part of the excitement of the session. Of course we all want to cum, but it’s the journey that is the excitement in Tantric Sex. When you release at the end, it’s done together and because you have waited for a session that can be anywhere from fifteen minutes, to hours and hours long. Thereupon, you will have an incredibly intense orgasm with your beautiful Mistress. There is no denial, as you are both moving in the same direction and enjoying it. Ultimately, there is nothing like the extended orgasm that builds steadily through a whole session.


The Unknown is Exciting

If you aren’t already convinced, which I’m sure you are, we now come to Reason Number Three. This is something that we know universally. The new and erotic is even more exciting than that which we have tried in the past. Every time your Mistress uses guided masturbation and tells you to stroke one way and then changes it to another way, your cock gets harder. Your heartbeat speeds up and you have a moment of excitement that nothing rivals.

The whole art of Tantra and the unique feeling of a masturbation trance is new and exotic, making it even more erotic than it would be anyway. You should try it, just because it’s something you haven’t done. In addition, you just never know if, in fact, you might love the intense connection and release that comes with a masturbation trance from a session of Tantric sex with one of our amazing FemDom Mistresses.


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