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Tantra is a journey for your body and mind to embrace amazing orgasmic experiences that we can reach together!


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Are you looking for an escape? Maybe your life isn't quite what you'd like for it to be, so you need something to fall into to not think about it for a little while. Well, I'm here to provide that thing for you to fall into. It's called a masturbation trance!

My name is Ms. Riley, and I'm really looking forward to introducing you to the masturbation trance. There are multiple ways to experience this, actually, and the route you take depends mostly on what sounds most appealing to you. I'm going to talk about the two main ways you can do it, and you can tell me at the end which you prefer!

The first method is via ASMR, which stands for Autonomic Sensory Meridian Response. This is a very fancy and technical way of saying "something that makes parts of or your whole body tingle when you hear it." Wikipedia describes ASMR as "a subjective experience of 'low-grade euphoria' characterized by 'a combination of positive feelings and a distinct static-like tingling sensation on the skin.'" Not everyone has the ASMR response to stimuli, but many people do, and they enjoy it immensely.

I can use my soft, whispering voice to help induce this response in you. It will help relax you and put you into a nice, healing headspace. Of course, I'll make it sexy, too! This is not merely a trance, but a masturbation trance, after all. I can also use a variety of different sounds besides just my voice to help you fall into the ASMR trance and really enjoy the whole experience.

There is nothing quite like masturbating and making yourself cum for me while you're getting tingles. So I encourage you to try it out!

The other method I can use to help you go into a sexy trance is Tantric masturbation. Tantra is an ancient Indian form of spirituality that taps into the mystical frequencies of the Universe. It sounds a little silly when you word it that way, but it really does work! You'll find yourself connected to something greater than you, and, like ASMR, it's a very euphoric experience.

I'll use Tantric masturbation and meditation techniques to teach you how to edge yourself repeatedly without cumming, which will make you feel soooo good. I can also use this same method to teach you to cum without ejaculating, which means you can just keep on going. It'll increase your sexual stamina, and it'll make your masturbation (or sex life) more enjoyable! Then, when you finally do let yourself ejaculate, it'll be so mind-blowing that you'll never want to do anything else again. I can assure you of that.

Or, if you're feeling really adventurous, we can use both of these things, ASMR and Tantra, to create an especially intense experience for you. I love trying out different ways of inducing these masturbation trances in people. So why not do both at the same time, right?

Whatever you would like to try, just give me a call and let me know! I'll be happy to help you escape whatever it is you're looking to escape for a little while.


Masturbation Trance, Tantric Masturbation, ASMR Phone Sex 800-259-3938


ASMR, Masturbation Trance, and Tantric Masturbation is so much more than everyday masturbation


Of course, masturbation feels great. However, the human body and mind possess a far greater potential for sexual pleasure than that which is ordinarily actualized. If you’re interested in exploring what lies beyond a simple stroking session, explore the world of ASMR trance and tantric masturbation.

A masturbation trance separates you from the mundanity of ordinary masturbation. It’s an exercise in self-love and exploration that incorporates the erotic energy’s power to heal and transform. Infusing your masturbation ritual with renewed consciousness helps you slow down your mind, experience your body, and invigorate yourself with tantric, sexual energy.

ASMR Trance and Masturbation Trance: Your portal to heightened states of arousal

There is no denying that everyday masturbation feels pleasurable. Otherwise, no one would do it! But focused mindfulness and tantric masturbation can help you unlock states of arousal and pleasure you’ve never experienced before. When you’re in an ASMR masturbation trance, we will focus on each of your senses. If you want to experience more than simply an orgasm, prepare for an adventure in meditative eroticism!

Powerful relaxation through tantric masturbation

Very importantly, tantric masturbation is not defined by one single, specific technique or method. Instead, it is helpful to think of tantric masturbation as a multiplicity of factors meant to intensify your orgasms and channel your focus into heightened pleasure. By managing the speed of your stroking, depth of your breath, and focus of your mind, you can enter a masturbation trance that causes you to surge with erotic energy.

ASMR Trance: A greater connection between body and mind

The connection between your mind and body is more than an amorphous concept. It’s the destination of our masturbation trance session. As you close your eyes and slow your motions, the soothing voice of your tantric guide can help you center your thoughts, explore your mind, and experience your body in a way you’ve never felt it before.

The intimacy of tantric masturbation sessions is something that is difficult to achieve through everyday stroking. When you enter a masturbation trance, you feel a greater sense of connectedness with yourself, with others, and with your surroundings.

Erotic exploration with your Tantric Guide

Tantric masturbation and ASMR masturbation trances can be achieved alone. However, many find it helpful to enlist the skillful guidance of an erotic companion. In order to truly benefit from your tantric guide, you must submit your mind, body, and spirit. A masturbation trance relies on comfort and shared trust between all participating individuals. Consequently, allow yourself to open up to your tantric guide. The freer your connection, the greater your pleasure.

The combination of powerful relaxation and intense eroticism sounds counter-intuitive at first. That said, the interplay between both states of mind creates an unparalleled level of arousal and pleasure. ASMR trance and Tantric masturbation help you let go of the stress that weighs down your mind.  At the same time, it helps you relax your body as a way to elevate sexual satisfaction and fulfillment.

Turn your curiosity into reality. By all means, experience the thrill of tantric eroticism. We will guide you.


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