Beginner’s Guide to Tantra Sex




There are many names for this practice of erotic masturbation and spiritual connection. Tantra is one, Tantric Sex, Tantra Sex, Masturbation Trance, Kama Sutra… some words that you associate with incredibly intense sexual practices and positions, without even really knowing what it is. We all have heard about the aerobic intensity of the sex and the acrobatic positions. But those seem like something you read about in a book.  Or couples in movies mention them before they bend their bodies into odd positions for sexual gratification.

And guess what, it’s all that. But it is so much more. And that’s why a Beginner’s Guide to this is not only necessary to enlighten you, but to keep you from hurting yourself or your partner. This doesn’t apply to rescuing you from a Mistress who is punishing you on purpose. First thing you should know is that whether or not you cum at the end is not the point of this, at all. Oh, that doesn’t mean we’ll put you in a masturbation trance and leave you hanging.

The wonderful part of Tantric Sex is the connection between you and your Mistress. Believe it or not, an orgasm is just something that happens along the way. Compared to when you are masturbating for yourself or even in a guided session, where the point is to get to the end so you can explode, this is an exploratory journey. Remember, it is not a race, so relax and enjoy!

Just Breathe Into Tantra Sex

Relaxing is the first tip I have for you today. This is something beautiful and erotically intense you will experience with your Phone Sex Mistress and you want to be relaxed and present for every bit of it. One of the easiest ways to relax is to match your breathing with your partner. Tantra is amazing in this respect.  Significantly, it can make you feel as if you are together, even on the phone.

You can hear one another breathe and match those inhalations so you are in sync. Breathe in. Breathe out.  All in time with the rise and fall of her chest. You will know what it’s like to be one instead of two. This isn’t something where you have to be prepared to perform at any moment. On the contrary, every moment of tantra is both of you moving, together. Not a performance at all. Rather, it is a duo in unison.

So, you see, you can relax. No orgasm to focus on. Just let it cum. No Mistress to please other than being ready and present in the moment with her. No pressure at all. Just let yourself feel the moment, listen to her voice and be one. Mindful sex can be amazing.

But you really do need to be comfortable in order to relax, so prepare for your session. Just as you would if you like to play with sex toys or dress up. Have everything near, even if it’s just your lube. You want the session to be a success.

Prepare Your Space

Everyone has different ways to set up a space for this kind of intimacy. Most likely you will have spoken with your Phone Sex Mistress about this before the actual session. You know what she expects and are ready to have your space match hers as closely as possible. Some things commonly used are candles, both for lighting and scent. We know men don’t always think about buying a candle, but this can set the mood. Some smell like the beach and will have you feeling the warm sun and cool waves both caressing you. Others are like a soft perfume or warm vanilla, comforting in their familiarity or sensual scent memory. What your Phone Sex Mistress chooses should be your choice too, so you can breathe the same air together. Pillows are also often used, as the point is to be completely comfortable and able to have a prolonged session without interruption.

Pick a Perfect Time

Interruptions are the antithesis to relaxation and intimacy. So you want to be prepared to spend the time you need together without having to go. I know for some of you, because you have heard that it can be hours and hours of intensity, this sounds both exciting and terrifying. But that’s what this guide is for, to let you know that you can start out mixing sex and tantra with just ten or fifteen sensual, focused minutes together. In fact, most experts suggest that you work up slowly to the lengthy sessions, adding five minutes each time, until you have built up your stamina. Because Tantra is deceiving in it’s apparent simplicity. You are relaxed on pillows, but your body is at full attention and present. Being able to maintain a state of erotic intensity for extended periods of time takes practice to perfect.

So talk about it. Relax. Set up your space for the intimate interlude, so you aren’t interrupted. And then enjoy exploring one another for longer and longer periods of time.

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