Beginners Introduction to Tantric Sex



Remember when you learned about Tantric Sex? It was an amazing day, wasn’t it?

You’ve been aching for this all day. She’s waiting for you at home and has promised you something new and amazing. What could it be? Your mind has been reeling since the phone call last night. Her voice whispered about her recent retreat and how it was so much more than a spa. She giggled softly and said she had learned something that she just had to share with you. You laughed a little, asking if you were going to get a sensual massage and she said… “Better.” Better than that hot, sexy body naked and rubbing oil all over you?! You can’t imagine, but you certainly have been trying to for hours.

As you pull into the driveway, the anticipation teasing your cock all day is almost at a head and you are hoping for something very sexy. She opens the door before you knock and you hear soft music, sounding almost like waves whispering across the sand. She smiles and you notice the gauzy white robe she is wearing is not only nearly transparent, but she is naked underneath. Your breath catches and you realize, as she takes your hand, her eyes never leaving yours, that you are about to experience something amazing. Something more than you expected when you walked up to the door.

Create a Sensual Space for Tantric Sex

She leads you slowly into the bedroom. You see she has been creating a sexy environment in the room. Her hands soft, fingers trailing up your arm as you walk. The bed is covered in soft pillows, lights low, white flowers scattered around the room, in vases and on the floor. The scent is soft and heady and you realize she smells a little musky and sexy as she leans close and whispers for you to remove your clothing. Even as she’s instructing you, she slides her hands under your shirt and starts to undress you herself. Your body trembles with excitement as she touches your hot skin, fingertips moving everywhere except over your cock. You can tell she has plans for tease and denial until she has her own orgasms. Her eyes locked on yours she smiles slightly and reaches down, guiding your hands to the belt of her robe, urging you on as you untie and it slips silently from her body to the floor. Both of you naked now and standing close, skin on skin.

Breathe With Me

Then she steps away and moves to the bed, climbing on and glancing over her shoulder, before telling you to “come here.” Obeying happily, you move to the bed and sit across from her, reaching to touch her breasts. But instead she moves away. This is beginning to feel like an extreme cock tease.  Except she’s so sensual and serious, eyes locked with yours.

She leans closer, her lips almost brushing across yours and tells you to exhale. As you do, she inhales your breath, taking you inside her in a way you never imagined would be so erotic, before exhaling and giving herself to you as well. “Feel yourself breathe with me,” she tells you.  Then you remember her retreat had something to do with yoga and breathing and when the word whispers from her lips, it’s as if she’s read your mind. Tantric. Yes, you’ve read about Tantra Sex: 36 hour sex marathons. All of a sudden, here you are, becoming one with her.  Breathing and barely touching, your body feeling as though it’s on fire.


Relax and Enjoy the Erotic Journey of Tantric Sex

The electric current that seems to be moving between you, without even touching, excites you more and more. In fact, you realize your eyes have not left hers since you sat down. Your bodies move closer together, acting as one entity, but your eyes are always open and focused on one another. Even as she leans in and finally kisses you, her eyes stay open, as do yours, savoring the experience. Every spark, every moment of erotic pleasure seems to be racing through your veins, even as your body relaxes and the two of you lay back on the pillows, touching and exploring one another in a way you had never imagined possible. She was right about this being better than a hot oil body worship massage. Better than anything the two of you have experienced together, because you are so connected.

After what seems like moments, but has been hours, your bodies move closer together and connect in other physical ways. Ways that before seemed all important but now are only a part of the incredible journey you are taking together. She moans softly and that moan of pure pleasure feels like it was your own. This experience of a trance-like sexual exploration has brought you to a point of feeling tuned in to the needs and desires of one another.  And taken the power of an orgasm you would normally have been solely focused on and made it last for hours as you enjoyed one another.  All in all, an experience you will never forget.  Even after trying it together, again and again and again.

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