Can You Handle Intense Tantric Masturbation?

Can You Handle Intense Tantric Masturbation?

“Close your eyes and breathe. Breathe deeply and don’t think about anything but the sound of my voice and the feel of my hands on your cock.” It wasn’t so long ago that I was one of those guys who didn’t believe in any of the New Age crap that gets tossed around about deep breathing and orgasm and making things last! We don’t think about making it last, we just want to have an orgasm and then have another one as soon as possible. The thing is, no one had really ever explained to me what Tantric sex or intense Tantric Masturbation was or how much fun it could be.
Sure, I had heard of it. But like I said, that all sounded like a bunch of boring girly stuff. I love women and if you want me to light candles and be romantic so we can fuck, I’ll do it, but honestly, I don’t need all that stuff. So when I thought about doing it with my Mistress that seemed like a waste of our time together. We weren’t romantic, but she was always amazing at giving me stroking instructions that got me off hard and fast. She was also excellent at making me edge again and again until I was begging to cum. The point is I was happy with the way things were and didn’t think soft music and candlelight was going to add anything to it. What guy needs that anyway? So when she mentioned Tantra, I instantly said “No thanks” and explained to her that I was perfectly happy the way things are and didn’t need any extra things going on to distract me.

No Thanks: Yes Please

You know what she did when I said that? She laughed at me and told me I didn’t know what I was missing, but that she’d just find someone else to enjoy a prolonged orgasm with. I admit it that got my attention, as she knew it would no doubt. We talked a bit more, but she wouldn’t let me bring the conversation back around to her and I and our possibility of a prolonged orgasm. She just kept telling me it was okay and not to worry about. That she totally understood if I didn’t want to try it and assured me she had many other clients who would be happy to give it a go. This is when I started trying to convince her. Insisting I really did want to try it and even admitting my ignorance to what it was and pleading with her to give me a chance to learn.
Yes, I know, she completely played me. By the time we were done that day, it wasn’t her convincing me to try it and promising me all kinds of things if I didn’t like it. Instead I was begging her to let me and swearing that even if I didn’t enjoy it, I would promise to try with an open mind and more than one time, as she swore it gets better and easier to relax once you’ve done it a few times. I even begged her to let me do if for longer than a beginners edging time of about 10 minutes. After all I could last ten minutes all on my own.

Blowing My Mind


That first time was unbelievable. I’ve heard that sometimes it isn’t. That some guys try it and don’t love it, but then grow to really enjoy it! I loved it from the first moment. Her voice seemed softer and sexier and I could tell she was really into it as well. Her soft moans while we spoke and how she insisted that the hand stroking my cock was hers and not mine. Soon I believed it and was imagining touching her breasts and totally lost in the moment. The Tantra seemed confusing at first but before I even knew it we were in this intense moment of erotic arousal. That sounds kind of crazy to say it that way, but there is no other. In fact, she had me feeling as though I was at the moment of almost release for well over twenty minutes, to the point I was about to pass out.


I swear I never believed it would be so intense, but it was. Tantric Sex isn’t some yoga teacher New Age thing that you won’t get into. It is stroking that gets more and more intense and personal with each moment you are alone with your Mistress. She enjoys it and you will too, more than you can imagine.


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