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Masturbation is one of the things we all love to do. Men, of course, are known for playing with their cocks as much as possible, while we women have more self-control. This is correct in all things, really.  Why do women have control over men? Because they can tease and deny orgasms to their heart’s content. Men just want to stroke those cocks and hope we will allow it. Or watch and not say stop. Not to mention, that we will be impressed with their size or stamina to such a degree that we want them to fuck us.

This is no more than hopeful in most cases. But, hey, we like to keep you guys guessing all the time. Honestly though, we do love a man who can learn cock control. We are not just Mistresses to control you. But rather guides on your journey to become a more amazingly intense and sexual you. This doesn’t mean we are all altruistic and ready to help just because. We want you to be better so we can have a deeper sense of enjoyment when you are with us. After all,  strap-ons and vibrators are fun, but we like the real thing too!

A Step Toward Enhanced Masturbation

Tantra is an excellent stepping stone to learning masturbation control. But many men don’t understand it and therefore don’t take advantage of this incredible tool. You men have heard that tantra takes hours and hours.  Or that it isn’t about orgasm, it’s about an emotional and spiritual connection. And let’s face it, when guys hear those two words together they think they are in for a long talk, not a hot stroking session.

Inevitably, they run the other way. Oh don’t try to deny it, you know it’s true. You are imagining sitting in a room full of flowers and some soft music, maybe even bells or chanting in the background, a waterfall or white noise. You smell candles and see us in a long silky robe, while you are in silk boxers and resting on pillows. We aren’t touching one another at all.  Maybe you don’t even imagine anything very sexual happening. You start picturing us talking about our feelings or asking you to reveal yours.  Consequently,  this makes tantra seem like something you very much do not want to do!

That Feeling

Let me start off by telling you what it really is, as well as why you’ll love these exercises that can enhance your masturbation. You won’t be sitting in a room sharing feelings and not enjoying yourself. Oh no, tantra is the ultimate in guided stroking and shared masturbation techniques. In tantra, we allow you to touch yourself and maybe even watch us while we play.

It is learning to make that feeling, you know the one. The feeling where you first starting knowing your climax is building and you will get to cum. The feeling that you are getting closer… Tantra is about making that feeling stretch out to last longer and longer. Not seconds but minutes. Making the entire build up to orgasm and release hours of time spent in that state of intense sexual arousal. Cock control is vital until you are granted permission to cum.

Still think tantric sex and masturbation aren’t for you? Ha! I bet you’re interested in learning some of these exercises now.

Men Have Kegel Muscles Too

Kegel exercises are not just for women, they are for men too. And they can greatly enhance your masturbation sessions and your orgasms. The muscles you exercise will help you to control your need to cum too quickly and ruin everything! They can help you learn to hold back, wait, and enjoy the moment. Or just fucking wait because we aren’t ready yet and a man who cums before his Mistress isn’t going to get another chance to fuck that Mistress. So, you don’t want to fuck up, literally. We don’t tolerate that especially well. Remember, in a tantric session, we are trying to make it last and last. If you can’t do that with us, well, we will have to find someone who can.

Those muscles you need to work are your PC muscles. That stands for a very big boring word, pubococcygeus. Those are the muscles you contract when you get up to pee and stop mid-stream. Those control your ability to control your ejaculation. They can also be stimulated by sliding something like a fun little vibrator right up inside you and making them contract. Though that might be more entertaining for us than you… you will never know until you try it! Anyway, you need to practice with these muscles. Tightening them and releasing, learning to control them. Make sure you are using those PC muscles and not your ass or thigh muscles. You’ll know it’s working when you have a hard cock and can delay your ejaculation for a much longer time. Think how much more fun a session could be if it only lasted just a little bit longer.

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