Journey into the World of Tantric Masturbation



The Mastery of Sex & Bliss Begins in Passion and Ends with Insight

Tantra means “woven together,” or “two fullnesses as one,” the same as yoga really, with some intimacy added. Tantra recognizes that there are two poles to be ecstatically merged for enlightenment to occur – masculine and feminine energies. Furthermore, these two poles are within us. True enlightenment is not achievable if our sexuality is not joined with the union of our inner divine self and the outer world. You may be surprised to find that intelligent, spiritual, sex can be far more enjoyable than a quick stroke to orgasm. Tantric masturbation becomes an enormous part of this formula.

Tantra is more than just about sex, better sex, more ecstatic sex, more “spiritual sex.” There’s so much more than the pleasure of experiencing an orgasm. Sex connects us to a greater dimension of what we are.  Accordingly, it lies at the root of everything we are.

How do you know if you are ready to start this inner journey?

Can you see yourself using and enjoying tantric sexual techniques? On one hand, the knowing is easy enough. You want to do something restorative with sex. In that case, the more we want it, the better it will be. The level of bhakti (devotion) in us is easy to feel and easy for others to notice, as well. It is an energy that develops, pulling us toward more. It takes true commitment to get us into a new, spiritually oriented mode of sexual activity. That is because it involves thinking about sex and masturbation in a radically different way.

We are embarking on a journey to change years of thinking, conditioning, and physical response. In tantric masturbation, you learn to masturbate for the purpose of cultivating sexual energy and sending it upward, putting our deeply ingrained obsession for orgasm second. In other words, a huge shift in our thinking and physical goals. If our bhakti is strong, we will gradually expand our sexuality. What’s more, it is like that with tantric masturbation, as well – a gradual training over a period of time. Tantric masturbation is not an overnight accomplishment. It is an evolution, a gentle flowering of our sexual soul and a deeper connection to ourselves and others around us. As our bhakti strengthens it will happen. Tantra has so many lessons.

“What about orgasm? What happens to it?”

Tantric masturbation is not anti-orgasm. On the contrary, tantric practices are a way to pleasure and ecstasy. Orgasm is the body’s ecstatic response to a specific type of stimulation – sexual stimulation. In the nervous system, what we call “enlightenment” is also an ecstatic response in the body. It is also elicited by a particular type of stimulation. In this case, stimulation by our growing awareness in unending, pure bliss consciousness, and divine ecstasy.

Is enlightenment at the expense of orgasm? Not at all, to be sure! While the orgasm does not come as fast as without tantra, the delayed ejaculation leads to more of an explosion. Enlightenment is a blooming of orgasm, an expanded orgasm… into an endless blossoming of your entire body.

Benefits of Regular Practice

In the beginning it might seem like we are ignoring an important part of our sexuality. What we are really doing is creating an orgasmic response by gradually expanding and purifying our nervous system. Only then can we find true ecstasy that is uninhibited in its magnitude and duration. It is only a matter of cultivating our nervous systems to reveal what is already there inside us.

Our desire accomplishes this. We are each given the opportunity, every day, to choose a new path to joy.

Some of the benefits of a regular Tantric Masturbation practice are:

1. A more intense stimulation

2. An “erotic charge” that you carry with you for hours

3. More focus and energy for yourself and others

4. A more mindful and open way of viewing yourself and others

The journey of tantric masturbation brings enlightenment, bliss, joy, and awareness. Not every journey is without effort. Undertaking this practice will require just that: practice. However, you will open yourself up to a more mindful, energetic, and charged relationship with both yourself and your cock.

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