Learning to Enjoy The Tantric Journey

The Tantric Journey


It’s been awhile since I did any stroking that wasn’t part of the Tantric experience I enjoy with my Mistress. It seems sometimes like I’ve never done any stroking without her. Even better, when I think about our sessions of masturbation mutually and with her just guiding me, I never think about us being on the phone. It feels like we were together every time, in the same room, sitting together, lying next to one another, looking at each other. That’s what a masturbation trance does for me, it makes me feel like my Mistress is right there all the time.


You don’t believe it do you? That’s okay, I wasn’t a believer either, in fact I was perfectly happy stroking my cock and watching porn. Movies and pictures of naked women, doing whatever wild kinky I could think of got me off pretty well for a long time, but you know there are days when you need to try something else, something more exciting or just different than the normal porn. So, I started looking around. Finding a phone Mistress was exciting. Then instead of me watching porn, she was watching me. Telling me just what to do with my cock and laughing or encouraging me, depending on what sounded like fun that day! She was like porn only interactive, way better than a cam girl who would only sort of do what I liked. This was a Mistress, who knew what she liked and wanted and helped me discover what I wanted as well. There was always a feeling there though, that she knew something I didn’t.


Secrets of A Tantra Mistress


Honestly, she knows many many things that I don’t know. But there has always been something about my Mistress, an undercurrent of knowledge that told me she knew more than she was letting on and was really only playing along to make me feel better. She played the games I liked, guided me through stroking and teasing. We played with denial and edging and even a ruined orgasm or three. Though something told me there was more, more that she wasn’t telling me. One day I called her and asked. Instead of answering her carefully leading questions about what I felt like doing that day, I asked her about this secret knowledge. At first she just laughed and told me that women are supposed to be mysterious, but I could tell she was impressed that I had noticed. Still she made me wait, giving me a few hints that day in the middle of our session. I didn’t know they were hints at the time, of course, but when she told me, as I edged that it would be so much fun to keep me in that state for a long time. I thought she meant minutes. She meant hours.


Masturbation Trance


I found out about being in a masturbation trance, the next time we spoke. She was different, she didn’t ask me any questions, just told me to close my eyes and imagine being in the room with her. And she proceeded to describe her bedroom to me. The soft purple comforter on the bed, the candles the smelled like citrus and basil a combination I could barely imagine (though now I own one and burn it when we speak), and the gentle lighting. She played opera music in the background, something gentle and different every time. After only a few minutes I felt transported to her home, there laying on the bed next to her. She told me she wanted me to be completely naked and that she was taking off her clothing as well. This excited me more than almost anything else she had ever said to me. My Mistress naked and telling me that she was going to touch herself as well. My cock was instantly hard and then she said, “I’m going to tell you a secret.”


The Secret to the Tantric Journey


That secret was Tantra. Tantric sex with my Mistress taught me to enjoy the journey. We are on the Tantric journey together, when we are in our relaxing space. I call her when I’m ready, in my room with the candles she chose and naked, eyes closed, waiting for her voice to be the only thing tethering me to this world. Sometimes the hand on my cock feels more like hers than mine. Sometimes I feel her lying next to me on the bed and I know we are in the zone together. The is the moment where I learned that being on the edge could last longer than a few seconds or even a few minutes. We have had sessions that were ten minutes long and some that were over three hours. Both of us emotionally and physically spent afterwards, after such an intense shared Tantric experience. Imagine an hour long orgasm with your Mistress and you’ll know why I love Tantric Sex.


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