Lost in A Masturbation Trance


It feels like I’m floating. Not the lost, crazy kind of floating that comes with drifting off to sleep or taking a strong pain pill. This is something completely different and completely natural. Yet so erotic.  I can’t believe I haven’t exploded all over myself yet. Her hand is on her body. I can see it, fingertips trailing across her smooth flesh. But it’s not just the seeing it. I can feel it too, or at least I think I can. Sounds crazy, I know. Still crazier is that while I know physically it’s my hand stroking my cock, it feels almost like it might be hers. And now this is making me hotter than any regular jack off session could. She has me in a Tantric masturbation trance.

I Knew From the Moment I Saw Her

Let me start a little closer to the beginning for you, so I don’t sound like I am seriously tripping on some very good drugs. On the contrary, I am stone cold sober. More sober than I’ve been in a while after a first date. But this woman, she is nothing like I expected. And I knew that the moment she walked into the restaurant. A friend of mine set us up, telling me that she was a dominant woman,  amazing looking, and wild in bed. I was hoping he was telling the truth and started to get really excited when I saw her.

Check mark on the very hot babe. Oh yes, she looked incredible, standing there in that tight, short little red dress. It hugged all her curves and showed enough leg to make me imagine how far up they went and what lay between them. Her long blonde hair hung in waves over her shoulders, just brushing the tops of her breasts. I’d have never guessed she was almost forty if he hadn’t told me. I had never been into MILFs, but I just changed my mind. She looked great and had a confidence that made me nervous. Our eyes met and before the maître d’ could even usher her towards me, she was walking, coming closer and smiling. Her lips were full and red and looking like ripe strawberries that  I wanted to suck.

“Let’s Go”

We made small talk that turned into deep talk. In time, she started telling me about her interest in tantra. And then she laughed… a deep sexy laugh. Then launched into a discussion about the extreme lengths she had heard some sexual sessions took for the sake of achieving a perfect moment. I was alternately hot and uncomfortable with the easy way she told me about her erotic needs and wants and asked me about mine.

Feeling like a fish out of water or one who had swum way too far out and was about to be devoured, I started talking about how much I loved couples’ masturbation. Let me stop here and tell you that this isn’t something I just randomly share with people. Men don’t want to hear about it. And furthermore, women usually think it means I have something wrong with me and that I don’t want to fuck. It’s not that! It’s just that I love to see a woman sitting in front of me naked, with her legs spread and pleasuring herself. Those are about the words I used when talking to her and then wondered if she was going to excuse herself to use the bathroom and slip out the back. But she didn’t. Instead, she gave a soft little moan and said, Do you know what a masturbation trance is?” I did not. She said, “Lets go.”


Riding the Waves of the Masturbation Trance

It didn’t take anything more to convince me. Soon I was following her to her place, my car taking the twisting, dark roads of the coastline right behind hers. Feeling as if our session had already started, I imagined caressing her curves, getting hotter and more excited as we drew closer. At the house, she stepped out of the car and whispered something to me about how wet that had made her. We were already on the same wavelength. After that, it only got more intense as I trailed behind her into the house and up the stairs to her bedroom.

Soon we were both naked. She sat on the bed, pillows behind her, legs spread wide, fingers caressing her pussy while I stroked my cock. Then she started talking about waiting and edging and how we would make the moment last. Getting closer, she was using cock control even though my hand was on it. She was not even touching me. But it was as though she was inside me and I was inside her. Touching and watching all at the same time.

That’s how it started. And that’s where I was when I began telling you about it. We had been playing together for over two hours, my cock so hard I thought it would explode She trembled slightly and whispered, too soft to hear, but her lips formed the word, “Now”.  At that moment, we both came hard, harder than I ever had. We laid there while wave after wave crashed over us, knowing that masturbation would never be enough, ever again.

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