Masturbation Tantra: Sensual or Strict


Always Learning New Things

I have always thought of tantra as something very zen. Men calmly and slowly stroking their cocks in a kind of relaxed enjoyment. That is just not for me! I like some excitement. I want to go fast and slow and edge and do it, again and again. My style is more like a rock song and less like a classical piece. So, masturbation tantra did not sound like anything I would ever care to try. I was happy stroking on my own. Or even sometimes getting some guidance from a Phone Sex Mistress who would play games with me and have me try out different speeds. Then one day my regular Mistress wasn’t available, so I started talking to another lady. I quickly realized that she used a different style. Come to find out, this woman specialized in tantra. When we started talking she asked me if I liked a sensual or strict Mistress when I am masturbating. I told her I alternated and she was welcome to lead the way.

Well, I told her right off that I was not interested in a relaxing session that would induce me to nap at the end of it. While I was sure that was lots of fun for some people, I was just not into masturbation tantra. She laughed at me. She sounded honestly and truly amused by my proclamation. There was no calm zen-like chanting or breathing. She was laughing at me. Then she told me something that, in the end, changed my whole life. She said that I thought I knew something about masturbation tantra but I really had no idea.


The Sensual Side of Tantric Masturbation

After she stopped laughing at me, we talked about my concerns. I admitted to my lack of knowledge about masturbation tantra. Everything I knew or believed was something I had heard from others. Or just an idea I formed in my head based on really very little. She told me that there were aspects to this I knew nothing about. Then she dared me to try it. I can tell you that if she had asked me to try it or attempted to just convince me that I should, there would have been no way. However, she didn’t.  Instead, she dared me. Now what real man can turn down a dare from a sexy woman? Especially one that involves stroking his cock? Besides, she was using both her sensual voice with her strict commands on me… how could I not be her masturbation toy?

So, she told me to trust her and I agreed. Then we began our session. In the beginning, it was exactly what I expected and feared. Breathing deep, stroking my cock, listening to her voice. What I didn’t expect was that she would engage in that sensual and strict masturbation tantra right along with me.  A tantric exchange was about both of us. I loved that! And for those of you who like the sensual breathing and listening part, hey, it wasn’t really all that bad. I was just hoping for a little something more. But, I had promised, so I went along with her, realizing that our breathing was in sync and she was feeling the good vibrations just like I was. This was a plus for sure, since I never did like cumming alone.


Stricter is Just What I Needed

Just when I was certain that she had tricked me into getting off via a sensual masturbation, her strict voice shifted the tantric experience The change was amazing. Her voice dropped a little at first, words more clipped, less soothing. I was still breathing and stroking but now it seemed as though, instead of lying next to me, playing along, she was standing above me, looking down and making sure I was doing it right. She had become the Femdom in control of me I often enjoyed.

We felt so close, after the way it began, that her transformation, slight as it may have been, caught me completely by surprise. The breathing started to make me light-headed as I stroked and I was completely in my own headspace. I was sure she was the one who created that feeling. Her laugh was far away as I stroked fast, automatically speeding up and slowing down with the rate of her voice. I experienced true masturbation tantra, lost in the moment. It was hours or maybe minutes and she had brought me to the edge, again and again. I could barely breathe, let alone try begging to cum.  So when she told me I could, it was explosive to say the least. Moral of my story? Never think you know what a Mistress will do.  Because you have no idea.


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