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What do you know about tantric sex? Have you heard about it in passing and thought it sounded strange or confusing? Maybe you are the kind of guy who thinks about sex as a way to cum, rather than a way to get truly closer to your partner or more enjoyment for you. In the end, no matter how hot your quickie is, you can only have so many of them before you are left wanting more. But you can’t quite put your finger on that something. We can. This is, in fact, the true essence of a masturbation trance. We are here to teach you that what you are lacking is literally something. Actually, a few things that are good for you in a variety of ways. We can help you harness those emotions. Then teach you how to use them to your advantage.

Less Stress More Sex

Let’s start with something that is good for your health. That’s right. Tantric sex is actually good for your body. Not just the joy of cumming, but the thrill of knowing you are changing your body in real and important ways. We’ve all heard about cortisol and how it causes you to gain and hold weight in parts of your body that you just shouldn’t. Well cortisol is raised by stress. And you know stress is horrible for you. It makes you tired and cranky and fat and old. You don’t want to be any of those things. How will you ever convince your hot young Femdom Mistress to play with you?!

So, you need tantra. Tantra teaches you to relax, separate and together with a partner. The breathing techniques lower stress and therefore your cortisol levels. That isn’t all. It’s been proven that an intimate, sexual relationship makes you happier and more relaxed in general. Being closer to your Mistress will make you feel better, too. After all, isn’t it so much more exciting to know that your Phone Sex Mistress is enjoying herself, as well? So less stress and more sexy fun. Isn’t that enough right there to make you want to at least try tantra?

Tantra and Trust

We know you get overwhelmed by all those sexually charged emotions. But that is part of tantric sex! We can help you to harness those emotions and teach you to use them to your advantage. Well, not in the sense of an advantage over your Mistress. That’s not possible. But in teaching you to take your time. To enjoy the moments you have with your Mistress. Tantric masturbation sessions aren’t just a way to get off, they enhance things like trust and a willingness to be very open sexually. You become closer to the person you are with in your session.

And as your breathing begins to match hers, you know that you can relax and trust her to know all your deep, dirty secrets. It’s simple to share the things we know our partner will also enjoy. However, true intimacy allows you to relax and give up even the secrets you don’t know she will enjoy. Maybe you love something you have secretly wanted to try. Like sucking cock or being fucked.  Or maybe you just would adore getting on the floor and worshiping her feet. Regardless, you will know you can give yourself up to your Mistress and she will take in those secrets and only use them to enhance your excitement.

Sexual Stamina

Finally, for those of you who aren’t already convinced by the health and emotional ways tantric sex is good for you, this will certainly have you lining up to try it out. Even just once. Tantra can teach you control and strengthen your sexual stamina. When you learn that orgasm is the end of the erotic experience and there is great excitement in extending the journey, you can truly start to have control.

Now, we know that you need cock control and that is what we are here for. But that is all part of tantra as well. Your FemDomme Mistress is there with you, encouraging you to wait and enjoy each and every moment you have there with her. Holding off on your orgasm while still stroking is incredibly intense and it teaches you stamina. Yes, increasing your sexual stamina, the main thing that all women complain about in men. You can learn to never hear that you cum too fast again. Because you will be in the moment.  Not rushing to get to the end!

Okay, I know, after reading this, you can’t help but want to get yourself into a masturbation trance with your Mistress. Tantra is something that you build up to though, so plan to take it slow. Enjoy every moment. And then reap all the benefits that will cum to you!

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