Tantric Masturbation as a Shared Experience



Meditation and energy work is often thought of as a solitary experience. The opportunity to connect with one’s inner being. However, what if it was possible to share the meditative experience? Could two lovers release their inner passion and the erotic energy that builds within their Hara (which, translated from Japanese, means “the center of being”) and combine those forces to create something more powerful, more intense, than one is capable of creating on his or her own? Through a shared tantric masturbation experience, couples can siphon one another’s erotic energy. Thence create a spiritual bond that leaves one feeling not just fulfilled, calm, and radiant, but also touched by something greater than themselves.

Tantric Masturbation: “Is it for me?”

To enjoy tantric masturbation with your partner, one need not have extensive experience in body work. Nor is it necessary to be spiritual or enlightened. Basically, all that’s required is an understanding of what meditation is.  Meditation is slipping into an alternate state of consciousness.  Some call it trance-like, relaxing, and an escape from our earthly surroundings. People of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs can enjoy the benefits of meditation. In essence, incorporating masturbation into your meditations allows you to get to know your body. Get ready to experience sensations that you may have previously ignored.  Then, reach heights of pleasure that you have never imagined possible!

Preparing for Your Session

Sharing a tantric masturbation experience with your Phone Sex Mistress or fantasy partner begins with creating a comfortable environment. Many prefer to begin with peace and quiet. However, that’s not always possible. Do anything you can to create peaceful surroundings. You can light candles or burn an enchantingly-scented incense. Open your windows to hear the birds chirp and the wind blow.  Play pleasant music softly in the background. Relaxing surroundings makes it easier to slip into a trance.

Allow yourself to sit in a comfortable position. Perhaps on the floor with your legs folded. In a chair with your arms at your sides and legs spread. Or lying flat on your back in bed with your arms and legs outstretched. You don’t want to feel any tension in your joints or any physical discomfort. Nothing to distract you from slipping into an alternate state of consciousness. Phone your Femdom Mistress with a bluetooth headset or speaker phone so your hands are free and you can focus on her calm voice and gentle breathing. You should both be naked and clean.


Relax, and Let Your Mistress Guide You

Your tantric masturbation experience begins with you and your Mistress or fantasy partner closing your eyes and taking slow, deep breaths. Hold each breath as you mentally count to four. You will block out any sounds and let go of any thoughts as you focus entirely on the sound of her breathing. As a tantric masturbation specialist, she will guide you through your journey. By comparison, couples sharing a tantric masturbation experience face to face may choose to guide each other. What’s more, they might follow an erotic meditation audio created especially for them.

Feel Sublime

As FemDom Mistress tells you where her own hands are, follow her lead and begin to touch yourself, as she touches her own body. Start with a gentle temple massage perhaps, then let your fingers glide down your neck, then to your chest, and meet at your nipples, which you may gently fondle or caress. As you caress your skin, focus on how the rest of your body feels in relation to the hardness between your legs. Too often, we focus on the act of masturbation itself and forget how intense arousal can make the rest of our body (not just our genitals) feel sublime.

As her breathing becomes more shallow, you can start to feel her energy. You will know it’s time to begin your tantric masturbation on your cock. Begin with a gentle massage on the tip. Or cup your balls and squeeze with each inhale. Let go as you exhale. As you stroke yourself, feel the passion and erotic energy building in your Hara. Feel it slowly leeching out from your belly button in a thin, ethereal stream of clouds, air, electricity, or whatever image your mind conjures. Your Mistress’ energy, too, is flowing in a thin stream and meeting yours. They become intertwined as her fingers explore her body and slip inside of her most private, precious spot. Ultimately, your goal is to enjoy the shared experience and not to achieve the end result.

Tantric Masturbation has begun.

Begin Your Tantric Journey

There are no rules when it comes to your tantric masturbation session. It’s important for each person and couple to do the things that make them comfortable, with attention to whatever helps them to reach a meditative, trance-like state. With experience, you may wish to study one of the many schools of meditation, then incorporate mantras into your meditative trance that help you and your partner find a shared peace. With this purpose in mind, cross dressing, cock sucking fantasies, unusual fetishes, or any new masturbation techniques that create new sensations that you have never felt before, are options. Wherever your meditative journey takes you, shared tantric masturbation sessions mean you won’t have to travel alone.

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