The Top 3 Questions About Tantric Sex




Tantric masturbation sounds amazing and mysterious. You hear the words and instantly think of something wildly intense. Something you’ve only heard about in movies or maybe in an interview with some musician talking about sexcapades that last all night long. In any case, you want to try it, but have questions about tantric sex. Of course you do! What makes us want to try something more than hearing all about how wonderful it is from someone else? Nothing, honestly! Except maybe when something is a little secretive. A little bit beyond the norm, so we feel like we are experiencing something not everyone has done. These are the two things that draw us to tantric sex. Hearing it is amazing and knowing nothing about it.

So, you have questions, of course. No one truly wants to dive into something, or spend their time and money with a Phone Sex Mistress talking about something they know nothing about. What if it doesn’t work for you? What if it isn’t all that wonderful and you just can’t get into it? Mysterious is one thing.  Misinformed is another. So I am going to answer some of those questions for you. But do know that the essence of tantra is fluidity.  So not every Mistress will see things exactly the same way. However, these answers will help you to decide if tantra is for you!

One of the Common Questions About Tantric Sex

What is tantric sex anyway? When you start hearing about joyous and divine consciousness, that doesn’t sound all that sexy. Instead, it almost sounds like a Sunday school lesson. However, tantra is nothing like that. Basically, it is a connection. One made on a mental and spiritual level, as well as a physical one. When you enter into a session with a Mistress looking for tantra, be prepared to spend more than ten minutes connecting to her.

This is something that requires discussion and trust and often is done in many sessions, one after another, connecting until you both are feeling a closeness that is far stronger than something just physical. It’s a bond. Before ever interacting physically, you and your Mistress will visualize what may occur. Discussing in detail the movements and moments within the act itself.  You imagine it happening before it ever does . And then, you let yourself feel it. Creativity and attention to detail are incredibly important in this act, as it requires the commitment of both parties to make it work.


How Long Can It Last?

There is a huge misconception that the actual session requires hours and hours of time. And many decide it is far too great a commitment to make to something new. But that’s not the case at all. While the first discussion may require a bit of time to get to know one another, once it is decided to do a tantric session, it can be as short as ten to fifteen minutes.

In fact it is highly recommended, due to the intensity of the sessions, that you start out small. Nothing longer than fifteen minutes to start. Of course, like with any other very intense and physical activity, you can build up your orgasm endurance. Only this kind of sexual activity is fun to practice. You want to build up your ability to play for longer and longer periods of time. However, always discuss how much time you both have before starting, so you are never interrupted in the middle of a session, if you can help it.


Isn’t it Just a Long Guided Masturbation Session?

So, it’s a lengthy session of visualizing and touching, both yourself and your partner. That sounds kind of like a detailed guided masturbation session. Which brings us to our third question – You want to know if you get to cum or what? Well, release is the point in any sexual activity, normally.  So the answer is yes, if you choose. With tantra, though, often the intense moment isn’t that of actual release.  It is the one where you come together as one.

Unlike guided masturbation, which is admittedly lots of fun, you take your time to really discuss how each of you is feeling and where you are at.  Sometimes you stop just to feel the moment, unlike with guided masturbation, which is all about getting there. In tantric sex sessions, you let yourself relax and enjoy every moment. Not just the tweaks that bring you closer to release, but the entirety of the moments and the interaction between the two of you. Basically, while you do get to cum, tantra is about the journey, not the destination.

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