What Is Masturbation Trance All About?

What is Masturbation Trance all about?


Well, stroker boy, you know that feeling when you you are so “in” to your masturbating that it is as if time and space stood still? During this stroking masturbation trance state, you are not aware of your surroundings. Sights and sounds disappear and it is almost an out of body feeling that comes across you. It is a deeply intense experience, and a feeling you will never forget. Not to mention an incredible, mind blowing orgasm!


Today, yoga and meditation have become such main stream tools. If you have taken a yoga class, you know it’s not easy, and learning to meditate requires focus and discipline, too. But they do work if you apply the tools. And we will apply these tools to help you achieve control over your mind, body and eventually, yes, your orgasms.


Be in the moment


I know you have heard that before, but it is true. It is the best advice I can give you to achieve this orgasmic nirvana. You must also trust your Mistress, the voice on the other end of the phone. The one that relaxes you, who puts you at ease and directs your energies to hidden chakra of sexual desires. She will help you open up and allow complete relaxation through a deep masturbation trance.


It may seem impossible to be relaxed and highly aroused at the same time, but trust me…it IS possible! And once you achieve this dual contradiction, you will be able to master the art of orgasmic bliss every time. you will become the master of your arousal, testing the limits of your stamina and maintaining control. Hard to believe you can control this by letting go, but it is true.


This takes time and practice, you need to have a quiet place you can retreat to. Someplace away from the noise, the stress of everyday life and where you can just… be. Cells phones are forbidden, and now the focus is purely on you, your breathing, your body and building up to a steady pace that leads to an incredible outlet. Some people say the journey is just as good, if not better then getting there.


Oh, don’t worry:  I want to get you there. But I also want to guide you so we don’t miss a thing. Slow and steady, as we pace ourselves on the way to a higher level. 


Can you quiet your mind?


Just let it go, let it all flow through you, away from you and out the imaginary window. Just as we have practiced, it’s time for you and only you. Is it getting crowded inside that head of yours? Well, we need to eliminate the clutter, clear out the cobwebs and give yourself permission to just…be.


Now just imagine this state of being. Can you? you can get here with the help of a sensual voice guiding your senses and allowing your passage from one level to the next. A sensual voice, plus the willingness on your part to explore this complete state of submission through Tantric masturbation trance work.




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