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Masturbation Trance: Reach New Levels of Ecstasy with ASMR Trance and Tantric Masturbation Phone Sex


“The Mastery of Sex & Bliss Begins in Passion and Ends with Insight”   ~   Enchantrix Layla, Tantric Masturbation Specialist

Did you know that excessive ejaculation depletes a man’s chi, ki, or prana? According to Chinese medicine, the kidneys store chi, which is the powerhouse of energy and sexual potency. Tantric masturbation could create a healthier and sexier male, not to mention a male who satisfies a woman because of his endurance and stamina.   ~   Mistress Cassandra,Tantric Masturbation Specialist

“Meditation is one of the core factors in experiencing full body orgasms. Not only will it help rocket you into orgasmic bliss, but every single area of your life will be more productive and creative.”   ~   Enchantrix Josephine, Tantric Masturbation Specialist

With Just A Breath

“Tantric masturbation harnesses your raw sexual energy into motivation and creativity. While rising kundalini begins in your genitals, your inner serpent moves up your chakras to higher levels of physical and spiritual awareness. It’s less about the urge to orgasm and more the desire to replace temporary satisfaction with peaceful fulfillment and mental clarity. No mere orgasm will suffice when the crescendo of kundalini washes through your body in waves, opening your mind and body to states of utter bliss and contentment. And it all begins with just a breath.”   ~   Enchantrix Lauren, Tantric Masturbation Specialist

“Our chakras are constellations of keys to unlocking commonalities in the complex. Given that, I can show you how to let them guide you. Your mind, body and soul will meld together in a tantric tryst with me as your masturbation meditation muse. Let me liberate and lead you down a path of pure pleasure.”  ~   Enchantrix Fiona, Tantric Masturbation Specialist

“Tantric masturbation is an erotic exploration that takes you beyond the basic experience of your senses. When you combine guided meditation with sensory awareness, you enter a masturbation trance that takes you to a heightened state of sexual arousal. Breathe deeply, stroke slowly, and prepare for an orgasm unlike any other.”Enchantrix Marlena, Tantric Masturbation Specialist

Erotic Desires

“The mind cannot tell the difference between an actual, ‘real-life’ event and a vividly imagined one. Guided meditation helps you to vividly imagine positive experiences that represent the changes you wish to express in your life. You will be in such a deep state of relaxation that the imagery you are guided to visualize becomes very ‘real.’  Through this experience, I can assist you with your goals, and help you break through barriers. All of this pertains to your erotic desires as well as other life goals.” Enchantrix Violet, Tantric Masturbation Specialist

“ASMR is a totally immersive experience, where you are completely lavished with my undivided attention. If you enjoy dressing up or like the idea of a girly makeover, then ASMR can be used to bring you straight to my dressing room. We can have so much fun! Maybe you are curious about what it would be like to be led into my boudoir for some goddess worship? Come and find out!” Enchantrix Ruby, ASMR Specialist

“ASMR is a wonderful way to detach from the world and enjoy all the sensations of the moment.  Without a care in the world, it is one of the best ways to relieve stress!” Enchantrix Hunter, ASMR Specialist

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