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Masturbation trance yoga? What on earth do masturbation and yoga have in common? And why would a person want to combine the two? Maybe not combining masturbation and yoga, exactly.  But many of the same principles used to practice yoga can enhance the masturbation experience. And consequently create more intense orgasmic pleasure. Who wouldn’t want more enjoyable orgasms? After all, isn’t that the ultimate reason we masturbate? Read more about it in Masturbation Yoga.

My style is more like a rock song and less like a classical piece. So, masturbation tantra did not sound to me like anything I would ever care to try. I was happy stroking on my own.  Or sometimes I’d get some guidance from a Mistress who would play games with me and have me try out different speeds. Then one day my regular Mistress wasn’t available, so I started talking to another lady. I quickly realized that she used a different style than I did.  This woman specialized in tantra. Continue reading Masturbation Tantra.

Tantra is more than just about sex, better sex, more ecstatic sex, more “spiritual sex.” There’s so much more than the pleasure of orgasm. Sex connects us to a greater dimension of what we are. It lies at the root of everything we are. Read Journey into the World of Tantric Masturbation to learn more!

Tantric Sex is something so simple and organic that the thought of it often seems larger and more complicated than it truly is. We understand that trying something that seems new and different can be challenging.  It can initiate a response in our bodies that says, “I’m fine with what I’ve been doing.” or “I don’t like all that psychic yoga stuff.” But we promise you, the journey to learning The Essence of Tantric Sex is a journey you want to take.

You’ve been aching for this all day.  She’s waiting for you at home and has promised you something new and amazing. What could it be? Your mind has been reeling since the phone call last night when you asked her if you were going to get a sensual massage and she told you..”Better”. Better than that hot, sexy body naked and rubbing oil all over you?! You can’t imagine, but you’ll soon find out, when she gives you an Introduction to Tantric Sex.

Meditation and energy work is often thought of as a solitary experience and the opportunity to connect with one’s inner being. However, what if it was possible to share the meditative experience? Could two lovers release their inner passion and the erotic energy that builds within their Hara (which, translated from Japanese, means the center of being) and combine those forces to create something more powerful, more intense, than one is capable of creating on his or her own? Through a shared tantric masturbation experience, couples can siphon one another’s erotic energy and create a spiritual bond that leaves one feeling not just fulfilled, calm, and radiant, but also touched by something greater than themselves.

You’re curious about tantra and tantric masturbation. But you have questions, of course. No one truly wants to dive into something, or spend their time and money with a Mistress talking about something they know nothing about. You’ll want to read The Top Three Questions about Tantric Sex.

There are many names for this practice of erotic masturbation and spiritual connection. Tantra is one, Tantric Sex, Masturbation Trance, Kama Sutra…some words that you associate with incredibly intense sexual practices and positions, even without really knowing what it is. Continue reading Beginner’s Guide to Tantra.

It feels like I’m floating. Not the lost, crazy kind of floating that comes with drifting off to sleep or taking a strong pain pill. This is something completely different and completely natural. Except it’s so erotic,  I can’t believe I haven’t exploded all over myself yet. Continue reading Lost in a Masturbation Trance.

Tantric sex is actually good for your body.  Not just the joy of cumming, but the thrill of knowing you are changing your body in real and important ways. Read all about them in Tantra is Good for You.

Masturbation is one of the things we all love to do. Men, of course, are known for playing with their cocks as much as possible, while we women have more control. Tantra is an excellent stepping stone to learning control.  Because many men don’t understand it,  they don’t take advantage of this incredible tool. Continue reading Exercises to Enhance Masturbation.

You love stroking your cock, don’t you? Of course you do! I know you do and both of us know you do. Everyone knows it, or could guess, because we all love to masturbate on some level. Some of us have control over ourselves and some of us need help controlling masturbation. Read Three Reasons You Should Try Tantra Sex.

Sensual massage. Everyone enjoys being touched or stroked. Having fingers and hands sensually roam all over your body, finding nooks and crannies of pleasure. Most everyone has enjoyed a massage in their life, from a feel better head rub from a grandparent to a head-to-toe body exploration during a sexy night of foreplay. The Art of Sensual Massage reveals the bliss of erotic touch.

It’s been awhile since I did any stroking that wasn’t part of the Tantric experience I enjoy with my Mistress. It seems sometimes like I’ve never done any stroking without her. Even better, when I think about our sessions of masturbation mutually and with her just guiding me, I never think about us being on the phone. Continue with Learning To Enjoy the Tantric Journey.

It wasn’t so long ago that I was one of those guys who didn’t believe in any of the New Age crap that gets tossed around about deep breathing and orgasm and making things last! We don’t think about making it last, we just want to have an orgasm and then have another one as soon as possible. We never think about asking “Can You Handle Intense Tantric Masturbation?

You know that feeling when you you are so “in” to your masturbating that it is as if time and space stood still? During this stroking masturbation trance state, you are not aware of your surroundings. Sights and sounds disappear and it is almost an out of body feeling that comes across you. Read What Is Masturbation Trance All About?


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